Idebenone Benefits

Idebenone is a biochemical variant of CoQ10, an important antioxidant of fatty membranes that envelops all inside cells. It is a critical component of the electron transport chain inside mitochondria. Mitochondria are the power plants of the cell. They put the oxygen we breathe to work. Almost all of it is used inside the electron transport chain to produce the ATP that powers virtually everything we do. Without this antioxidant life would cease. Life is dependent healthy uninterrupted blood flow. When it is reduced cell oxygen levels attenuate setting up a scenario for heart attack, stroke, shock . . . . hydrogen peroxide and other free radicals rapidly form and eviscerate cell and mitochondrial structure and function halting ATP energy generation. Unchecked, death is the final result. The brain is among the first to be hit. The spinal cord as well. It can be irreparably damaged within minutes. Idebenone is superior to CoQ10 because it performs better and longer in a low oxygen environment.

Supports Anti Aging

Without delving too deeply into the arcane science of mtDNA copying and electron spark leaking in the mitochondria, suffice it to say that our mitochondria are responsible for nine tenths of all of the energy produced by in our cells. As we age these tiny factories of energy become old dirty clogged and dysfunctional. As mitochondria become less efficient all cell tissue ages. When tissue ages, we age. Our cells contain up to 10,000 mitochondria per cell. Brain, heart, skeletal muscle contain the most. Skin cells only contain a few hundred so they must all be able to function at a high level. Constant exposure to oxygen and energy hastens mitochondrial decay and mitochondrial decay is a primary cause of aging. The older we get the more dysfunction overtakes us. More becomes more. Young people in the formative years have precious little mitochondrial dysfunction.

Energy Enhancement

Iron is important. It sits right in the middle of our blood cells. It’s what makes our blood red. Plants have a magnesium molecule in the middle of their blood (chlorophyll) which makes their blood green. It is no secret that iron is essential to human life. What most people don’t know is that iron is also a free radical inducer, especially under low oxygen conditions. Studies have shown that Idebenone not only interrupts iron ions from diverting oxygen out of mitochondria. This denies them the ability to produce free radicals inside mitochondria. Oxidation in cells and mitochondria of cells is toxic. This is why HBC Protocols uses liposomes to deliver this antioxidant to not only the cell but their mitochondria as well. Liposomes have the extraordinary ability to “express” their payload directly into the cell, directly and deeply into the mitochondria. Nothing can prevent cell structure damage faster than a paucity of oxygen. This is an excellent reason to apply liposomal cream directly to skin cells as frequently as possible. Or even before an intense physical workout.


Protecting The Brain

Because Idebenone supercharges cells with oxygen it offers extraordinary protection to brain structure and function. It also supports enhanced nerve function which backs up learning. This supports dopamine, serotonin and noradrenalin, three very well-known feel-good neurotransmitters. It does this by enhancing the cellular uptake of tyrosine. Most people are familiar with tyrosine because of the plethora of energy drinks available today. Energy formulators like to use this amino in combination with caffeine for additional boost. We consider the addition of caffeine as cheating because it pushes the metabolism and endocrine system. It does not feed it. We prefer to feed the body the essential elements it needs to function optimally and naturally.



By supporting hippocampal nerve cells, memories are more easily formed and clustered. Like the excellent nootropic piracetam, idebenone facilitates brain data transfer along the corpus callosum, the bridge separating the right/left hemispheres. Idebenone supplementation is an invaluable way to integrate the logical and the intuitive components of the brain. Boost problem solving.


Organ Protection

Organ entropy is a fact of life. The 4th law of thermodynamics dictates that all systems eventually fall apart. Arteriosclerosis, fatty clogged circulation, inhibits precious oxygen bearing plasma necessary for optimal organ function. A paucity of oxygen is bad for the body but too much oxygen and energy contributes to free radical damage throughout the body. The free radicals accumulate which only hastens more dying and dysfunctional cells. When a critical free radical threshold is reached we are no longer able to sustain a healthy happy attractive life. Organs begin to fail. Not just the heart and liver and muscle tissue but skin, our largest organ. Liposomally based Idebenone skin cream possesses an unmatched ability to rejuvenate skin cells. Remember, skin cells cannot borrow energy from each other, they all must function on their own. There can be no slacker cells. To paraphrase the metaphor about the chain, “Our body is only as strong as its weakest cell.”


Free Radical Quencher

Free radicals accumulate over time. They also accelerate with age. So powerful is idebenone skin creams ability to slow down free radical damage that it is used to preserve organs harvested for transplant. May be spread on any part of the skin for extended protection.

Protection From Neuro Toxic Foods

If you eat from cans, or any hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extracts (beer), eat processed foods, take drugs (cocaine, ecstasy . . . ) eat Chinese food (MSG) you are taking in substances that are exciting your amino acid neurotransmitters in your brain. Too many excitatory amino acids (glutamic acid, aspartic acid) accumulate in nerve endings and the fluid surrounding brain cells. This renders damages via free radical mechanisms. In children as well. Especially in the formative years. Idebenone has shown dramatic protective effects against glutamate toxicity.


People who will benefit by using idebenone

  1. Students. May be synergized with piracetam.
  2. Cardiac patients. May be synergized with Masquelier’s OPC.
  3. People preparing for major surgery. May be synergized withhomeopathic HGH.
  4. Victims of Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Those suffering from fatigue. Athletes with high endurance energy needs such as long-distance runners, cyclists, swimmers . . .
  6. Poor eaters who routinely pollute their bodies with junk food containing egregious amounts of excitatory amino acids such as aspartame, sugar, MSG and Hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
  7. People with depression wishing to enhance the brain serotonin.
  8. Those suffering liver damage from toxic chemicals like alcohol or suffering from hepatitis . . .